Dental implants have become a standard procedure in many dental clinics over the last few years, thanks to significant advances in dental medicine.


As the expert prosthodontist at InStyle Dental located in the Fashion District in Manhattan, Hanna Zharkina, DDS, has the necessary training and skill to design and place dental implants.

Although dental implants aren’t your only restorative option for missing teeth. Bridges and full or partial dentures are some alternative solutions. However, dental implants do have some specific advantages:

  • Meant to last a lifetime

  • Help preserve the health and density of the jawbone

  • Don’t require any supplementary care 


The team at InStyle Dental recommends regular cleanings and exams, just like the rest of your teeth, to preserve your dental implants.

A qualified prosthodontist like Dr. Zharkina is one of the best specialists to consult about dental implants. Some indicators that you’re a good candidate for dental implants include:

  • You’re in good general health with no chronic conditions or contraindications

  • Your teeth and gums are healthy

  • You have adequate jawbone density to support an implant

  • You’re committed to taking good care of your teeth

Dental implants may not be a good option for those with certain chronic health conditions or poor oral care habits.


If you’re looking for a dental implant specialist in New York City, contact InStyle Dental for your FREE consultation! 

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