Oral Surgery Q & A

What qualifies as oral surgery?

Any surgical procedure Dr. Zharkina performs inside your mouth, usually involving an incision, is considered oral surgery. This includes a variety of periodontal, prosthodontic, and restorative procedures.

Some examples of oral surgery Dr. Zharkina provides at InStyle Dental include:

  • Tooth extraction

  • Root canal

  • Dental implants

  • Gum or bone grafts

All dentists are qualified to perform minor oral surgeries, such as root canals, but prosthodontists like Dr. Zharkina have extra training in prosthetic and implant dentistry. She’s able to provide more specialized services without the need for a referral.

What happens during oral surgery?

Dr. Zharkina makes every effort to give you the most relaxing experience with the most effective results. The team at InStyle Dental helps you get comfortable and uses a gentle approach to put you at ease.

The team also keeps you well-informed, explaining your options, and giving you a proactive role in your treatment. Knowing what to expect during the procedure can relieve some of your anxiety and apprehension.

When it’s time for your oral surgery, Dr. Zharkina and her staff use a gentle touch and can provide several types of anesthesia, so you only experience minimal discomfort.

How can I prepare for oral surgery?

Dr. Zharkina and her dental team provide you with all the information you need to prepare yourself for oral surgery. They give you a full list of pre- and post-appointment instructions, so you know what to do and prepare yourself physically and mentally.

For example, you may need to stop taking certain medications for a day or two or arrange for a ride after your surgery. It’s important to let Dr. Zharkina know about any supplements, vitamins, and medications you take as well as any current or recent medical conditions you have, to avoid potential complications. You may also want to wear comfortable clothing to your appointment to help you feel at ease.

If you’re looking for an oral surgeon in New York City, contact Dr. Zharkina by calling the office or using the online booking tool.